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Inside Kanye West’s Diva Behavior During Photoshoot: ‘ My Presence Is A Present’


Kanye West is too conceited for his own good during a recent photo shoot Kanye was demanding, self-righteous, and difficult and the crew members on the shoot were very surprised, and stunned at how ‘Ye behaved during a recent magazine photo shoot.


“It was like he was trying to video conference but he was only sat twenty feet away from the set up.

“It was absolutely ridiculous. He was impossible to work with. He just sat there in the back seat of his car with his sunglasses on, making video demands.

“It actually would have been funny if he wasn’t making life so hard for everyone around him.”

After several hours of the makeshift video conference, Kanye finally decided everything was good enough for him to finally set foot on set. But when he got inside, he changed his mind yet again and made even more changes.

“He had the whole thing torn down and it ended up being shot in front of a plain white background,” the source said.

“At the last minute he also decided he wanted a very specific designer chair to be in the shot, but despite a ton of phone calls and running around no one could get their hands on it.”

“Anyone would have thought he was The Queen of England, the way he was behaving. His assistant was clearly embarrassed and run off her feet,” the insider added.

“He couldn’t have been more difficult if he tried. The end result was a very grumpy looking Kanye.”



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