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A Father Of Four Begged For His Life Before Dying In Jail “Michael Sabbie”

A man from Texas has died in his cell after begging for help to officers in a jail facility. According to an article from the Huffington Post, Michael Sabbie, 35 years old, was detained at the Bi State Jail for domestic abuse charges.  Sabbie was in jail for three days when officers pepper sprayed him when he begged for medical assistance after a court hearing. There is a video that shows the exact moment when six officers wrestled the man after pepper spraying him and dragging him to his cell. The officers never listened to Sabbie while he repeated nineteen times that he could not breathe.

The day after the incident Michael Sabbie was found dead in his cell, officers and medical staff at the facility stated his death was of natural causes. According to them, Michael was suffering from obesity and had a heart attack on the night of his death, but that is only one side of the story, others testify that Michael asked for medical help for the three days before he died.  Even the day of his court hearing the judge noticed Michael being short of breath and had difficulty breathing.  When he left the court room he is seen leaning against the wall and that’s when officers pepper sprayed him while Michael yelled that he had pneumonia.

Family members and one of their lawyers are seeking further information for the cause of death. The lawyer stated that Michael might have suffered from negligent care while being in jail, a big reason why he died only three days after his arrest.

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