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Adele Wants Rihanna to be Apart of Her Squad!


Adele is slaying the charts right now and snatching wigs, but in the mean time Adele talks about the people that she hangs around and stated that she is getting back with old friends and she wants to take them on tour with her when she drops 25. I love Adele, because she states how her career is not her life….Hence the reason why she took such a long hiatus…

She talks in depth with Rollingstone about her personal life and big return…. But what also stood out was her wanting Rihanna to be apart of her ‘SQUAD’….

So she has a squad? “I’ve heard about a squad,” she says with an amused snort. “I wish my squad was all supermodels. We are, in our brains. I guess I have my own squad.” She pronounces the word in a comical American accent. “It’s not as interesting as some of the other squads that are around right now.” She brightens. “But maybe Rihanna can be in my squad! That would be really cool. Oh, God. She’s life itself, isn’t she? I love her.”




To read her full interview with Rollingstone click here!

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