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Angelina Jolie Eats Bugs

This could be Angelina Jolie’s cry out for help; in the past the media was notified of her anorexia problem. Is this relationship causing her hunger pains on and off camera? Nevertheless, in recent, she has been filming in Cambodia where Amercian foods are scarce. What did Angelina do to prepare for this “new role” and how much weight did she lose?

The very skinny Angelina is giving lessons to kids in Cambodia “off set” on how to eat a bug. I prefer Kate Hudson’s film “How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days” over “How To Cook A Bug” by Angelina. She could really use some healthy pointers from Kate amid her unhealthy lifestyle choices. Inquiistr shared Life & Style Magazine’s reported claims that her friends “have grown concerned for her health.”

The magazine’s insider revealed, Angelina Jolie is: “more stressed than ever,” “her weight…to just 90 pounds.” “Friends are concerned that the divorce is pushing her over the edge both emotionally and physically,” “She’s living on herbal tea and a few grains. It’s like she’s totally given up on herself.”

Angelina there are people that care about you and you are not alone in your moment of loneliness. That’s like dating Johnny Depp or Sean Penn, they’re like every girl’s crush. I remember being in grade school and all the girls had a crush on Brad Pitt. There has to be a better way in going about this without having to rationalize your sanity and health.




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