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Are INSTAFAMOUS celebrities real celebrities ?

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I’ve been sitting here thinking about a lot of things and I’m noticing people would rather be INSTAFAMOUS, than do it the old fashion way. Now I’m not saying anything is wrong with it, but the INSTAFAMOUS people feel like they are entitled to the same fan fare and perks as celebrities that put in hours of work and had to fight for their status.

  I know plenty of INSTAFAMOUS people that once they reached that level of celebrity they started to actually put in work and started building their brand. Actually what is INSTAFAMOUS? Can Bloggers be considered INSTAFAMOUS? Don’t think I’m bashing the instagram comics or instagram models I just hate being made to feel like bloggers are less than the INSTAFAMOUS people like their too good to follow back, comment or if they comment it’s only to “clap-back” at negative comments.

I believe that we can all get it and make moves, you should never look down on people that used to be in the same position they used to be in.

I’m sorry for venting, but I think I had to just get this off my chest; it just amazes me that  every time I see a INSTAFAMOUS person with a attitude on social media I really just sit back and think to myself how can you have a attitude when you was once a fan of someone’s or you used to leave negative comments under people’s post just for attention? Oh well maybe I’m reading to much into social media!!!!!!

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