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Beck’s PR Team Exchange Nasty Tweets With Epic Records President Sylvia Rhone

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Beck’s win really got people in their feelings after Sunday’s 2015 Grammy’s, Epic Records’ president Sylvia Rhone reacted on Twitter by imploring Kanye to steal Beck’s trophy. #Childish….

Then Beck’s PR Nasty Little Man people fired back at Sylvia and tweeted on Monday morning calling Rhone an “#idiotbitch.”

Nasty Little Man owner Steve Martin told Billboard Magazine:
“I lost my cool, and I regret it. It doesn’t reflect Beck in any way. I was lashing out in a moment of anger and poor judgment.” Martin expressed regret for Beck’s well-deserved win being the subject of such debate, but stressed that the win was “22 years coming, and we couldn’t be happier.”

There’s a saying: It’s only rock and roll. It seems like those in positions of significant power in the industry — like Rhone — as well as those who work hard to support important, exciting artists — like Nasty Little Man — should keep that in mind.

Sylvia Rhone has been in the game WAY to long to do something as unprofessional and crass as that, Beck’s PR people had every right to call her an idiot, because that’s what she’s looking like out here… Let Beck live, he does make great music…



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