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Becoming Beyonce: Part 2 and 3 Review

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So I’ve been busy but part’s 2 and 3 are really just when the girls became Destiny’s Child. How Mathew Knowles lied, cheated and stole his way into management, and how he turned 4 little girls against each other all in the name of fame and fortune. They was signed to Elecktra Records, but got dropped; then Columbia came and signed the girls but LaTavia had to audition against her 2 cousins Nikki and Nina for the 4th spot in the group even though Mathew didn’t want NONE OF THE GIRLS his whole focus was Beyonce. Then we move into creating the hits everything from No, No, No with Vincent The Herbert who we all know is a star player in the music industry, Mathew didn’t want no other girl singing lead even though Beyonce wanted to share the spotlight she believed her talent would set her apart from the others and these was her sisters so why not share. Mathew finally got his way and Bey was lead vocalist on every song on both albums except for Sweet 16 we’re LaTavia sung lead until Mathew changed that. Towards the end it became Bey/Kelly vs. LaTavia/LeToya and Mathew saw fit to keep it that way since the other parents didn’t want their children living in the Knowles’s home. In the end LaTavia and LeToya only wanted 2nd management just like they had before; however when Mathew got the letter he told Bey and Kelly a different story, so Beyonce felt betrayed and she knew changes had to be made. I’ll keep y’all updated it’s getting juicy (Farrah is now a member but she has to tan in order to fool the world in the Say My Name video to look like former member LaTavia and she even had to dye her hair hmmm)

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