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Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story Part 1 Review

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So Beyonce has always been that elusive chanteuse artist when it comes to her personal life; the book  Becoming Beyonce’ sheds light on what she’s been like  since childhood.

Beyonce was born into chaos, some might say her father Mathew Knowles cheated on her mom Tina throughout their entire marriage, but  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more kids he either knows about and paying the moms off or  that he doesn’t know about and probably doesn’t care.  Now a little TEA some of ya’ll might not know;  Mathew WAS NOT the girls original manager’s & HE DID NOT START THE GROUP,  actually it was Denise Seals and Deborah Laday who discovered the girls and managed them until Andretta Tillman stepped in and took Girls Tyme and turned them into Destiny’s Child.

How Matthew eventually took over was,   Andretta was sick with Lupus and had stints in the hospital, so he used that to his advantage.  Mathew noticed that his daughter was becoming the break-out start of the group and he would threaten to remove her just so he could get what he wanted.

Beyonce was the 2nd lead and Ashley was 1st; Ashley was a more seasoned singer than Beyonce, but Bey had the look and drive that pushed her. People think Kelly and Beyonce were cousins LIES! Kelly’s mom worked for families as a maid, Ms. Doris  moved Kelly from Atlanta due to marital issues she was having with Kelly’s dad Christopher Lovett who claimed a different story.

Kelly and her mom lived with Latavia Roberson’s family and Andretta Tillman’s family for most of their time in Houston. It wasn’t until Mathew took over that he decided that Kelly should come live with his family so he could have full control over the girls, he even wanted control over all the girls but the other mothers said “NO!” I’m not going to give to much away but so far this book is a good read!!!!!!!!!! It’s in stores now!

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