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Being Black is Beautiful: What Dark – Skinned People Never Tell You!

The standard of beauty travels and it’s so sad that society feels that if you’re light or white then it’s right… I am a dark-skinned woman who’s background is Panamanian.. Growing up with a darker skin was kind of rough, because you look at how society tries to set the standard of beauty.. I was always told I was pretty for a dark skin girl, but I always said thank you and kept it moving..

I was never the type to take offense to it because my mother taught me different and it just let me know that some people are absolutely ignorant when it comes to color.. I’m here to let you know and understand that…. Just because you’re light, doesn’t mean that it’s right…

I’ve seen beautiful women who are light and beautiful and some that are just plain out hideous with beautiful personalities… Same for people with darker skin… The difference is they make the darker ones feel ashamed..

Even within our own race we give other people hell about being darker than us and call them names like ugly, monkeys and etc…

I’m here to say that Dark skin people are beautiful, we are like walking chocolate and to be honest a lot of people pay an expensive price to be brown WE tolerate the sun, we can sit in front of the sun without sun creme for many hours and we don’t burn and become red like tomato. Nevertheless, always remember you’re beautiful and different, embrace it, love it and never be ashamed of it….

I had a one time friend who’s mother was had about 5 or 6 children and her mother who was the last came out the darkest out of all of her siblings and because of this she was treated very different and badly… Growing up, her mother disowned her and basically catered to her other children who were lighter….

Nevertheless, when her mother got older, she always tried to instill in her children who are of darker descent that they’re just as beautiful and to never let anyone tell you different.

Look at this video of dark skinned people from different backgrounds talk about how they’ve dealt with being darker than their peers…

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