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Beyoncé Debuts New Song Dedicated to Jay Z Called : ‘Die With You’


In honor of their seventh anniversary that just passed on April 4th, she celebrates her love for Jay Z on a new song called “Die With You,” which debuted Saturday on Jay Z’s new streaming service TIDAL. Wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller T-shirt and braids under a backwards cap, she performs the stripped-down song while playing the piano, while Jay is filming her singing to him.

Beyonce – Die With You [Music Video] by comidaemcasa

The tender tribute includes the touching lyrics: “I don’t have a reason to be if I can’t be with you” and “I live so I can die with you.”

At the end, she gets up from the piano and screams, “Yeah!” Thank you,” before the video cuts to the camera man, who turns out to be none other than Jay Z.

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