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Beyoncé vs. Adele, Who will take home Grammy Gold?

When we think of the names Beyoncé and Adele, the words that come to mind are “slay, slay, slay!” Not only are they the source of major music and fashion obsession, but they both have an incredible amount of Grammy nominations between the two of them this year, a majority of them falling in the same categories. So who do we think is going to conquer the Grammy’s? Let’s take a look at the statistics.

This year Queen Bee is killing it with 9 Grammy nominations, setting a new record for a female singer, while Adele is still coming in strong with a solid 5 nominations. The categories they are competing in are: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Some other factors the two female icons have on each other are that Adele’s album “25” sold 1.4 million copies, while Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” came in slightly lower at 1.2 million. However, in tour sales, Beyoncé comes out on top making $100 million more than Adele’s.

Will one of these talented ladies triumph over the other? Tune into CBS tomorrow night at 8 p.m. to find out! And catch all of the pre-Grammy fashion on E News starting at 4 p.m. Because who doesn’t secretly love to see fashion success and the occasional red carpet road kill?

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