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Bill Murray has beef with Rick Ross


The Groundhog Day star is not amused by Mr. Ross’ antics and was quite vocal on his recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. reported that Ross had recorded a song for Murray to use for an upcoming Christmas show, but when it came time for the actual filming, Ross was a no show. In proper form, Murray joked on the Kimmel show that Ross never showed back up to the studio, and they haven’t heard from him since the recording.

“If anyone out there sees a 300-pound guy who looks like he’s supposed to be in New York two weeks ago, let me know,”

Bill went on to say that Ross had “better be dead, because if he’s not, he’s in trouble.”

Ross’ camp has yet to issue any statement regarding the no show, even with Murray’s taunts from the Kimmel show that aired just a few days ago.

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