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Boxer Adrian Broner Attacks Jay Z and Rihanna’s Character, says She’s only Good for One Thing

Jay Z offered Adrien Broner $40 Million dollar contract to join Roc Nation Sports, but instead of saying no thank you, Adrien took it as an insult..

Appearing on “TMZ Hollywood Sports,” the bold fighter said that Jay could “suck my *&^%^,” perhaps indicating that he wasn’t happy with the deal.
If that weren’t enough, Broner then went after one of Roc Nation’s prize clients, Rihanna. When asked about the popular singer, Broner said that Rihanna could “go f herself.” He then added that the singer is only good for p*****.

Mind you his Net Worth is $ 3 Million, so this could have helped him.. But why was he so disrespectful though? Adrien swear he’s Floyd…
I’m just going to keep this here:


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