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Brad Pitt Builds 109 Homes For The Homeless In New Orleans


Brad Pitt is truly a blessing to New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina hit he’s been dedicated to rebuilding the broken city, can you believe that it will be ten years since the horrific storm hit the big easy..? Pitt, who recently listed his and Angelina Jolie’s five-bedroom French Quarter home for $6.5 million, has been working to rebuild houses in the hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward since the  hurricane left its path of destruction.


We went into it incredibly naïve,’ the megastar told the New Orleans Times-Picayune, ‘just thinking we can build homes – how hard is that?’

A lot harder than he thought, it turns out. But that didn’t stop him, nor the area’s residents, from plugging along, and now Pitt is thrilled that 109 colorful, sturdy, ecofriendly homes dot the land that following Katrina was nothing but mud and debris and torn-apart lives.

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‘I get this well of pride when I see this little oasis of color and the solar panels,’ the dad of six told the paper.
As a part-time NOLA resident and amateur architecture enthusiast, Pitt wanted his foundation, Make It Right, to build homes that not only suited the residents’ needs, but were well-designed, environmentally-friendly, and not only cheap to make, but to live in.
‘I drive into the neighborhood and I see people on their porch, and I ask them how is their house treating them? And they say, ‘Good.’ And I say what’s your utility bill? And they’ll throw something out like, ’24 bucks’ or something, and I feel fantastic.’




(Daily Mail)

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