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Brandon Jennings :”Lebron runs when it gets tough, Not top 5 all-time”


Brandon Jennings is like a bitter troll to me, the only thing I really know him for is Teyana Taylor and him now dating Nelly’s ex Tae Hackard. When twitter user @johnnyNBA suggested that LeBron James will go down as a top-five player in NBA history, Jennings replied with a lot of shade, trying to discredit Lebron’s legacy…. It’s funny he deleted the tweet… But he apologized to all the Lebron fans…

@johnnyNBA he run too much when sh*t gets tough. Never just stuck it out. Like MJ. Magic. Bird. Kobe. — BRANDON JENNINGS

(@BrandonJennings) February 3, 2015 @lakers_crazies@JohnnyNBA@KingJames u can @ him Idc. U act like I said something other ppl haven’t said. Shrugs. It’s my opinion — BRANDON JENNINGS (@BrandonJennings) February 3, 2015

Lebron spent YEARS in Cleveland and brought that team to the finals. He then leaves because he has the opportunity to? Things didnt get tough, it got stagnant and repetitive for him and he wanted something new. Now he goes back and still gets hate? I tell you, Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t.  Brandon just need to  worry about his own recovery.

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