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Canadian Couple Dies After Having Sex In Hot Tub at Daughter’s Wedding


A Canadian couple dies while in hot top while at their daughter’s destination wedding, Charles Mackenzie, 67, suffered a heart attack and toppled over his wife Dorothy, drowning the 63-year-old as the two were making love in the whirlpool spa at a Mexico resort.

According to Dailynews

The happy couple was supposed to watch their 35-year-old daughter get married on the beach in two days. She made the terrible discovery early Tuesday.

Their deaths were deemed accidental and were believed to be linked, authorities said.

Dorothy died of asphyxia by submersion moments after her husband passed, according to an official from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

They had traveled from Nova Scotia to Playa del Carmen in Mexico to celebrate the big day.

It’s unclear if the wedding still went on Thursday.

The family was too devastated to think that far ahead after the tragedy, Charles Mackenzie’s brother-in-law Douglas Hastings told the newspaper.

“I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that. I don’t really know about the wedding,” he said.

A spokesman for the Playacar Palace hotel dismissed an earlier report that the couple had been electrocuted in the hot tub.

“The room was perfectly fine. All the equipment was working perfectly,” he told the Press.

Their deaths are still under investigation.


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