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Cardi B & Offset Will Not Be Revealing Kulture Until 2019

So, stop asking for a reveal….. Baby Kulture Kiari will not make her debut until 2019……

According to sources

Multiple magazines, websites and photo agencies have reached out with offers for Kulture’s first photo shoot. We’re told the offers have been in the $100k neighborhood or higher. Cardi and Offset have no desire to make a deal … yet. We’re told they won’t even consider it until their daughter’s at least 5 or 6 months old.

Our sources say Cardi just wants to focus on being a mom and bonding with her baby. So, Kulture’s gonna be on the low, for now, but we also know she’s already living the high life.

This is not surprising, Cardi is too sensitive, plus they’re just waiting for the right price, trust! Here is a sneak peek of Kulture, her publicist posted on Snapchat, but eventually deleted..

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