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Cardi B’s Former Roommate Puts Her On Blast For Being A Coke Head Among Other Things… (Videos)

People are really trying it with Cardi B, her former roommate is coming forward to talk about how Cardi is racist as well a coke head with a serious bullying problem.

In a series of videos, the roommate better known as Marie goes in on how Cardi B sabotaged her during their stripping days and how Cardi lied on her and said she had a lot of diseases, which almost got her fired.

The roommate also points out that Cardi had an odor, some guy that cardi had a crush on threw some money at her on stage. Cardi and the guy was suppose to exchange sex for money but he smelled her, which she allegedly had a fish order and started swinging towards the roommate.. See her video below:

HoodCelebrity was just on the Breakfast Club talking about how her and Cardi were best friends for years but fell out after she got signed.


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