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The moon, being in your 5th house of pleasure, fun, and hobbies, is in the process of bringing these things into focus for you. Later today, the moon will be in an opposition, (around 180 degrees or so) to Venus and Neptune- meaning that you’ll be inclined to notice or understand two sides of an issue that you’re faced with and when you consider a panorama of views, practically everyone wins.

With the moon being in your area of resources, you may find that additional money is freed up, that can be spent to invest in your health, or other things of importance.

The moon, which has recently moved from your 10th house of government and dad/authoritative concerns, to your 11th house of clubs and acquaintances, is likely to bring a shift of your attention, as you brush out matters that are going on.

The moon, in your 12th house of hidden resources & addiction, could very well mean that you’re faced with a decision about how to spend a portion of your stash, and weighing this choice may be heavy, on your mind. Watch out for commercials that advertize things that you could later deem as having been frivolous purchases, in hindsight.

When you see new, “healthier,” granola cereal ads, they may draw you in, and that’s great, since you may find yourself leaning towards trying that, or perhaps something else that’s extra healthy- and will end up being more beneficial for you.

You may be feeling a bit nostalgic, about a previous job or coworker, which could encourage you to check in on a place where you used to tread- and see what’s up with the place and how everything is going.

Sure, you nay feel as if you’ve been physically active enough and yet, your attention may be called toward a little extra work out, here and there- since someone else may want you to tag along on a new health kick that could prove to be in the best interests of the both of you.

Mars, along with celestial Chiron. may have you in no mood for small talk, unless there’s something of interest for you to hear, and someone else is bound to figure this out and comply, opening doors for a bit of talk therapy- after all Chiron is known as the “erratic healer,” so it’s in the stars.

With Saturn being on the verge of squaring (about 90 degrees) with the comet, Chiron, there may be a challenge in how you’re viewing something; perhaps a great time for breaking any patterns of thought that don’t serve or benefit you.

With motivating, Mars and Chiron, being in the process of aligning- the upbeat vibrations, from your improved mood is obvious to those spending time with you. Turn up!

Saturn, while emphasizing limitation, is coming closer to a square with Mars, when you may see an opportunity to take steps toward a goal that’s been residing in the back of your mind. Your level of enthusiasm will be the deciding factor, on whether or not to proceed in any decision that you’ve been contemplating.

If a partners’ behavior or actions are causing you to be slightly uncomfy or on edge, finding the nerve it takes to confide about precisely what feelings are being generated; might be the answer, (if you desire to work a situation out) as opposed to catering to a solution that might do more permanent harm to your relationship, than good.

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