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The sagittarius moon is gracing your 5th house of creativity and fame, which means that someone may end up making a comment that places you smack dab in the middle of glaring lights & extra attention; so keep your sunglasses ready!

The current moon is a waning crescent, meaning it’s in a portion of your cycle where you’re quite likely to experience a deep sense of fulfillment, that you’ll probably desire to celebrate with someone else.

The moon is placing an emphasis on the sun, and how you personally identify yourself as being- as you whole-heartedly put the all of your being into an activity, one that is sure to continue to build a sense of satisfaction within you.

Saturn is putting practical vibrations all around you, as you go about your daily business, although you may find that others- who don’t, perhaps; share your sentiments- are certain to keep it moving, as you’re apt to find only like minded company desirable, to kick it with.

You’ll likely be adament, about a rising sense of duty, to a partner- one that is sure to be, both all engrossing as well as fulfilling to act on.

Your 2nd house, of material posessions may, not only be a topic of conversation, of those surrounding you, but more importantly something that’s generating a bit of head scratching attention for you; currently, as you unearth a mound of ideas and contribute them- as you see fit.

The plans that you’re apt to find yourself pondering, are likely to fill you with glee, although, the moon- in your privacy sector suggest that the spirit of competition waits in the wings; so a decision/tendency to quietly make moves, will likely pay off, not that you’d get too much joy, surpassing a would-be mischief-maker.

You’re likely to notice a sense of urgency, in the air- at around about the time you decide to take steps to act on the adventurous vibrations that are running through your mind. Whether you find yourself marching, in order to bring attention to your rights, or simply sharing concerns that you have, in a group- you’re likely to feel good about taking initiative.

The moon is visiting your 6th house of work and routines, thereby creating the perfect atmosphere, for recent events to have you in a grateful mood. Even if you’ve found that you had the need to adjust your waking hours, or some other part of your sceduling, you’ll be in a zone where you’re prone to happily count your blessings, when spending time with co-workers &/or pals.

Your 3rd house of siblings and education, is being emphasized, by the lucky vibes of Jupiter, which are bound to bring good news or show and prove circumstances that end up placing you in a decent mood.

The moon, in your 10th house of career and reputation, is likely to have you pulling out all the stops, so to speak, when it comes to anything concerning your job or your own personal opinions, at present.

Home and family concerns, may be taking up a majority of your thought processes or conversations, right now- with Mercury sextiling Neptune, your dreams may also be inclined to intersect with your idealistic visions, or possibly have an effect on how you’re viewing something important.

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