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Mars is in your 3rd house of transportation, so you’ll probably be on the move- with plenty of energy radiating from within, or at least more than just about anyone would expect.

With Mars in your 9th house of a higher mind/religion, you may be inclined to find yourself discussing topics of that nature, with someone who finds your conversation mentally stimulating.

With Mars in your 11th house, money from your career may be a focus point, right now; placing you in a position to possibly put your funds to a controversial, or perhaps humanitarian use.

Mars, in your 1st house of appearances, may have you in a position to vouch for a person, or work closely with a group, or company; in a capacity that you could find satisfying.

With Mars in your 6th house of pets and routines, there could be a time consuming issue- arising from a pet or your tight schedule, itself- which could require some extra attention.

With Mars heading towards your 12th house of clandestine affairs, someone who has grown accustumed to your attentiveness, is prone to feel a sense of relief, due to any new; determined lack of procrastination, on your part.

With Mercurys’ conjunction of Pluto and Venus squaring Saturn, the progressive way that you’re thinking, about a matter that you’re facing, has the potential to bring about the “seed” necessary, for an advantageous change, or fresh start- for you.

Mars, in your 7th house, is apt to bring in news, about either grandparents or business associates. Also, someone within your circle, will likely feel better- due to any new efforts, to minimize aggressive vibrations, around your crew.

Mars, in your 8th house, may set a tone that magnifies issues that are related to matters of insurance, or even the occult.

With Mars in your 4th house of home and parents, you’re likely to find that fate is emphasizing certain matters of importance, in these areas.

Mars, in your 5th house of children, may have your mind on those who’ve come, after you, and how to best relate any concerns that you may have; concerning them.

Your 12th house of dreams and talents, is factoring, prominantly- making it a good time, to more realistically scrutinize your desires, thoroughly.

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