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Charles Barkley Pledges to Give Black Women in Alabama $1 Million For Startup Businesses, Not “Weaves Shops or Hair Salons”

Charles Barkley is pledging to give black women a million dollars for IT start up businesses, but if you’re want him to fund your own hair salon, or restaurant business… That will be a no go..

According to the NY Daily News:

It seemed like a feel-good moment from Charles Barkley, who pledged to donate $1 million to help black women in Alabama begin start-ups on TNT Thursday night.

Then, he explained to everyone that it’ll be on his terms.

“That does not mean restaurants and hair salons, black women,” he said. “That means start-ups.”
The donation was in response to Alabama voting Democrat Doug Jones into the Senate over Republican Roy Moore, who has been the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations.

Barkley was outspokenly proud of his home state for not voting Moore into office, so he decided to make the donation.

While Shaquille O’Neal erupted into laughter following the “joke,” Kenny Smith called out Barkley for his comments that ruined what should’ve simply been an uplifting moment.

“Why couldn’t you just leave it?” Smith asked. “Why did you have to do an under-handed, backhand joke? It was so good and serious.”

Barkley claimed he made the “joke” because “I like to have fun.”

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