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#Chile Keep Calm And Leto

Could this mean a reunion between Angelina and Brad is in the works? “She admitted she made a mistake with the divorce and more than anything wants to be a family again,” a close pal of Brad’s told News Weekly.

Keep Calm and Leto seems to be helping Ange cope with her September 2016 divorce from Brad Pitt. Are the two really denying the rumors that Angelina’s crush on Jared Leto are false? was tipped from an insider that  Jared reached out to Angelina Jolie just after she filed her divorce papers in September.

So, they’re supposedly, like, dating? Hold up. I mean Jared is hot! He kind of looks like Scott Disick. Okay Magazine, said that Angelina Jolie is on new man hunt expressing that “she’s feeling liberated and sexy.” Is this a good look for Ange? Who does she really want?



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