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China Makes App to Show If A Person Near You Is Broke and Reports on Their Spending Habits!

China was clearly watching Black Mirror, the app that China created is called “map of deadbeat debtors ” and this app can report if you come in contact with a person that is in debt or going broke. Imagine if an app was made during your dating cycle, this could save a lot of time and emotions!

From Business Insider

The app, named the “map of deadbeat debtors,” rolled out to people in Hebei, northern China, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported. 

They can access it on WeChat, the country’s most popular instant messaging platform .
The program flashes a warning to show users if they are within a 500-meter radius of someone who is in debt. 

It shows the debtors’ exact locations, according to a screenshot of the app. 

It’s not clear whether the app displays the debtors’ names, photos, or any other markers of identity.

It’s also not clear how much money one must owe, or to whom, to be defined as a debtor. 

The app aims to get citizens to keep an eye on the so-called debtors. 
The new program comes as part of China’s social credit system, an extension of a person’s financial credit score that will be mandatory in 2020. 

It essentially judges a person’s trustworthiness using measures like their ability to pay off loans and their behavior on public transport. 

China is an experimental playground of what future policies might look like for the rest the world. I’ve no doubt the west are observing to see if the credit system will get people to fall in line.

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