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Chris Brown and Baby Mama Headed to Court for Running Her Mouth


What an idiot, Chris Brown and his new baby mother are headed to family court and now she’s in danger of receiving less support because of running her mouth.

Nia Guzman dropped the news on Chris last month that he was the father of nine month old Royalty, but Chris made a deal with the mother to pay monthly child support, if she kept her mouth shut!

According to TMZ:
Chris is forking out substantially more than he’d be required to pay if a judge ordered formal child support. There’s a scale on how much a parent pays, based largely on income. We’re told Chris upped that amount and in return demanded that she keep her lips sealed.

Chris now believes Nia has been leaking stories and talking about their relationship. As a result, our sources say his lawyers are now preparing legal docs, in which he will ask a judge for an order requiring him to pay child support. It sounds strange, but he’ll pay less than he does now.

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