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Chris Brown and Karrueche in Couples Therapy?

I guess Chris Brown and Karrueche are going to try and make it work for 2015 by going to couples therapy to hash out their relationship problems…

According to the
“He’s put his ego aside and that was extremely hard to do but he’s doing it and it’s constantly a work in progress. Between work, touring, and his court obligations, he’s been seeing another therapist with Karrueche and they’ve secretly been doing couple’s therapy to kick off the New Year. He really wanted to begin the year off right with Karrueche and she’s mentioned this to him several times in the past and it’s finally set in. He wants to do this and he is.”


A close friend of the couple indicated that the two are secretly in couples counseling to keep Brown’s anger in check and to prevent him from becoming violent in their relationship.

“Chris doesn’t want to be like his step father. He doesn’t want to be a monster anymore. He wants to open his heart and really experience love. He wants to give it and receive it and he’s not been able to do that with anyone in his life other than Karrueche. Even more so than his mother, Karrueche has really stolen the boys heart and is making it beat differently.”
If this is true, then it’s good news, he need it and hopefully this will help them get to a better place in life. To be honest, Chris has to heal and grow his  self before he can do that with his girlfriend.. Hopefully it works out…



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