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Chris Brown Claps Back at Fan For Voicing Her Opinion, Tells Her That His Fans Don’t Matter


You Breezy stans are going to learn to keep caping for this guy, a fan decided to write Chris Brown on Instagram to let him know that Karreuche and Rihanna are not his property and that he needs to show some respect. The fan also pointed out that Karreuche would eventually walk away if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right… Well, Chris responded and he was so RUDE!


Then the fan responded with a picture of herself in tears after Chris blocked her from his page:

“Thank you for being the best idol ever @chrisbrownofficial you just called me a dick head, you blocked me. SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE? YOU RUINED ME. I HOPE YOU CAN SEE MY TEARS, THEY’RE FOR YOU. ALL THE FUCKING TIMES I PRAYED FOR YOU, STOOD UP FOR YOU. THIS IS WHAT I GET? I’VE BEEN NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE. I TALK ABOUT YOU 24/7. now to find out you hate me… You just made my heart collapse into a million pieces. And yet I still love you. I can only hate myself for that. Thanks fave. Thanks to my idol who hates me. You were quick to comment last time. Can you do it now?”


They both need Jesus and a Valium, because this is pathetic.. He doesn’t even know her/him, but she keeps money in his pocket by buying his albums, so he should be a little nicer. Chris’s final fall from grace will be humilating…..He has been blessed beyond what he deserves and this is how he thanks his fans…… … #Finishhim!


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