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Common and Serena Williams Getting Back Together ?

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Looks like Common and Serena Williams are trying to rekindle their relationship , they raised a few eyebrows after being seen together after the Oscar’s at the Vanity Fair party.

According to CentricTV

The tennis champ posted a picture of the pair together as she held his Oscar statue.

“Tried to run with Common’s Oscar, but I got caught!!!” she captioned the picture. The photo of them together has since been deleted and replaced with a solo photo of her holding the statue.


Since their split, Common has been very open about his feelings for Williams and how she could have been “the one.”

“If I’m in it as much as I was with Serena, as much as I loved her…it takes time to heal and find that peace to be able to move on,'” he told UPTOWN magazine last year.

Here’s to hoping the couple can spark up a new romance.

I hope NOT. He cheated on her by the way, which was one of the causes of them parting ways…. They are probably just really good friends. But it won’t surprise me, Cookie and luscious got people rethinking their ex.

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