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Courts Confirm That Amar’e Stoudemire Fathered A Child Outside of His Marriage!

Another day, another outside baby from a married NBA player…. Amar’e Stoudemire is found to be the natural and biological father of a little girl… A Florida court signed off on docs naming him.. He was already paying over $4k in Child Support..

According to Bossip:

A judge issued a final judgement of paternity last month that acknowledges Stoudemire, 34, indeed is the father of Lovett’s tot and said that the parents worked out child support and custody in a confidential settlement. Lovett sued Stoudemire earlier this year for child support and custody of the baby, whom the mom of two said he fathered in 2016. Stoudemire admitted that he could possibly be Zoe’s dad, and has begun paying the woman $4,333 a month in temporary support.

Mom of two Lovett is a full-time stay at home mom, and also has a son with another former New York Knicks player, Chris Duhon.

Stoudemire’s wife of nearly six years, Alexis, mother to his four children, seems unbothered or unaffected by the judgement news. Both she and her husband are still wearing their wedding rings and regularly post pictures of themselves on family outings.

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