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Denzel Washington and Wife Pauletta Headed For Divorce ?

Well it looks like Denzel Washington and his wife maybe headed for a divorce.. Rumors have swirled of Denzel stepping out on his wife and even Pauletta confirmed somethings in an interview with Essence Magazine,

Why She Loves Him: Pauletta has no problem dealing with the women that come after her man. She told Essence that it would be senseless to be upset with flirting women because Denzel comes home to her. She even takes the flirtation as a compliment. However, Pauletta knows that Denzel’s appeal is more than his knee-weakening looks.

If you notice this rumor starts at least every 5-6 years….

They’re saying that Maybe she’s had enough:

From Globe Magazine
“This marriage is on its last legs,” declares an insider.
Another source close to the 61-year-old star and Pauletta, 66, who have four grown kids, describes the relationship as a “show marriage.”
The source claims Denzel has “been caught stepping out several times.”

This marriage has been over for years, just a front to make the Black love folks feel good while both Denzel and Paulette are miserable.

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