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Diddy In Hot Water After Documentary Called ‘Murder Rap’ Aired Sat. Night Revealing Diddy Had 2Pac Killed


Chile….. Diddy is in hot water after a documentary that premiered on Saturday night on Reelz T.V. channel called ‘Murder Rap’ kind of confirmed what everyone speculated for all these years in regards to Tupac dying. Apparently this was already viewed in Australia and made it’s debut in the U.S. this past weekend.

People began tweeting in an uproar after the show talked about the murders of Tupac and Biggie, going inside of what allegedly really happened, here are some cliff notes from the documentary:


  • Looks like biggie and puffy thought it would be ok now that 2Pac was dead and they went to Cali to shoot videos.. It shows how biggie was getting booed at the soul train awards with people yelling west side
  • This has police interviews, the audio, of Eugene Deal, a bad boy bodyguard
  • Talks about how at the petersen automotive museum it was overcrowded and they shut it down, but it took 40 mins for biggie to get out of there
  • Biggies Last Words “We’re Back Baby” shortly before being shot
  • Talks about exactly who was in what seat, what car, who was driving , in what car, etc
  • Shows the police reneactment of biggies shooting
  • Biggies Shooter described as african american male (No surprise, it was Wardell Fouse hired by Suge)
  • This documentary debunks the whole David Mack theory as well. They go through Rusell Pooles theories one by one and also debunk his book that he wrote labyrinth
  • Debunks Amir Muhammad/Harry Billups theory. Pretty much destroys the “Biggie & Tupac” documentary from 2002 as well
  • Interviews from retired police investigators that were on the biggie case such as Kelly Cooper
  • They talk about how biggies bodyguard Eugene Deal picked out a completely different individual and then later he pointed to Amir Muhammads photo, which severely complicated things..
  • So many things im probably missing. I’m watching and trying to detail it. LOL they got Lil Cease police interview in here
  • They completely demolish Russell Pooles theory
  • This documentary is amazing. It goes through each conspiracy theory and debunks them. Props to Greg Kading. I know one of the arguments in this thread was “what about the other theories” lol
  • Shows high quality footage of the MGM grand, certainly better than youtube and the news versions
  • Shows FBI Surveillance of Club 662, but one year earlier. Eery that FBI was even watching though, WTF?????
  • Biggies mom told him on the phone she was concerned for his safety, the day before him getting killed! fuck
  • Something I didn’t know, when the white cadillac unloaded into the bmw 2Pac and suge were in, they pulled off to the right onto Koval and these girls in the car (who are interviewed for the documentary) they actually turn right onto koval as well to get away from the situation, and they end up almost collide with the white cadillac LOL that just shot up the bmw.. fuck thatd be scary
  • Lil Cease and Eugene Deal both were shown 6 photos and one of them was Amir Muhammad, neither identified or pointed to amirs photo
  • They look into Travon Lane but he did not cooperate

They interview Duane “Keefe D” Davis.. He was at the party at the Peterson Automotive Museum where biggie was at. His whole police interview is in here. He had no reason to lie, especially because it was during a proffer session – nothing he said could be used against him..He even describes the chevy impala in Ushers video and the exact color and how he let puffy use the car.

  • They have Eugene Deal, Puffs bodyguard, confirming that Puffy was connected to Keefe D, along with Terrence Brown, the guy who was actually murdered last night Sep 24th, 2015 in Compton, confirming that Puffy met Keefe D through Eric Zip Martin
  • They’ve got separate interviews of separate people, all confirming that Puffy was connected to Keefe D and he was the main contact between Bad Boy and the Crips
  • They got Reggie Wright Jr on here snitching
  • They got Lil Cease on tape admitting that he saw Puffy with Keefe D at a concert in 1996, and that is how Lil Cease recognized Keefe D at the vibe party, he points him out in a photo line up
  • Biggies own bodyguard Eugene Deal admits on police interview that Puffy and Eric Zip martin were in Vegas the night 2Pac got shot
  • The hotel party after a concert, Keefe D was invited to the party by Puffy and in that hotel suite, Puffy says in front of Andre Harrell that he would give anything for their heads (suge/pac). It goes to show you that people in the industry know things that they just would never speak on.. No wonder Andre Harrell is now “chairman” of revolt tv, puffy venture lol
  • Keefe D says that they were in Vegas, driving a white rental Cadillac, after Orlando Anderson was beat up, they immediately planned a retaliation. Puffy had prior solicited them to kill 2Pac and Suge, but w/ Orlando Anderson getting beat up, the plan was accelerated.
  • Eric Zip Martin, puffy’s associate, showed up and asked if they needed any help. They didn’t have any pistols on them at that time/moment.. And Zip said that this was a good time to take care of the hit that Puffy offered for money.. And Zip took them to his car in the parking lot and gave them guns. Everybody was telling them that pac and suge were going to be at club 662 (which was a known fact)
  • Keefe D says that Terrence Brown aka T-Brown was the driver of the white Cadillac. Terrence Brown was shot and killed in Compton 2 days ago, sep 24, 2015, good riddance.
  • Orlando Anderson leaned over and shot into the bmw w/ pac and suge
  • After 2Pac was shot, Eric zip told Eugene Deal who was a bad boy bodyguard everything that happened.. and Eugene deal is on tape in a police interview detailing this
  • They’ve got an informant who is now deceased, confirm at the time shortly after the 2Pac murder that Orlando Anderson and Deandre Smith (both in the white Cadillac) told him that they “let off on Tupac”
  • So fucked: Suge Knight knew that Orlando was the shooter, but since Suge got arrested for the beating of Orlando Anderson at the MGM on tape, he solicited Orlando Anderson to testify for $16k that he didn’t beat him up he was trying to stop it, so that suge wouldn’t have to go to prison for 9 years.. Keefe D didn’t like this, he thought orlando was selling out
  • Another detective in this doc said that he spoke with a relative of Orlando Anderson, who said that at family get together that Orlando would brag about shooting 2Pac.. And keefe d was getting pissed off telling him to keep his mouth shut
  • Says Biggie didn’t know about the hit that puffy put out, biggie was doing his own thing

Tupac’s murder was solved on #murderrap @ReelzChannel Wow! After all these years… Hoping Biggie’s gets solved too!

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