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Text Message Scam; Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Caught Out There As Gay ?


People, really need to stop using text messaging, especially if you’re a child of a celebrity, because clearly what’s done in the dark shall come to the light… Especially if people are hating…. This will get you caught up with screen shots that will be out there for life and if anyone decided to put you on blast… Case and point…. Diddy’s son Justin….Who has been put on blast for some questionable behavior via text messaging with another male… ‘Allegedly’.  This makes me remember when Diddy  went on a rant and said Empire was based off of his life and someone on Twitter asked which one of his sons was gay?

Some screen shots were leaked on the Gram by  Tea Spilla’s who got a little gift sent to their DM’s… Apparently it was text messages of Justin Combs and an unidentified male going back and forth about having sex with each other and Justin asking him if he ‘Swallowed’… Now I like Misa, and Diddy, but we’re just doing our job of spilling the tea… And I must say this is truly hot and sad at the same damn time….

Playing devil’s advocate–How do we know these messages weren’t sent to a woman? How did they get access to this person’s phone…  Even if it is true , you mean to tell me that random People just know all of Justin’s tea like it’s nothing ?  He says in the messages “damn baby you a freak”

It’s not like he said damn !!!!!a let me suck your dick from the back….. I’m just saying tho!

Need more proof… Anyway check out the message from the ‘GRAM’ below..






This person is mad at their “play cousin” so they decide to out Justin just to prove how mad they are? LAME.


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