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Drake Projected to sell 500k In Three Days of “IYRTITL” (Tyga Weeps)


Nothing like killing your enemies with pure, unadulterated success, Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late will debut at #1 on the HITS Album and SPS charts next week….

According to
What’s more, the surprise mixtape could see first-weekend sales of 500k. Strangely, as of 8am PT, the album has yet to appear on the iTunes chart. But there’s a precedent: It took Beyoncé’s 2013 surprise release several hours before landing at #1.

So will If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late be the best-selling or highest-debuting mixtape ever? Our research gnomes have come up dry in their attempts to find evidence of any mixtape exploding like this one. But is If You’re Reading This really a mixtape, or is it actually a proper album disguised as one?

As our Michelle S. points out, mixtapes usually have rappers over other people’s beats, Drake doesn’t do that here—it’s all original material from Noah 40 and Boi-1da on production. Mixtapes typically have interludes as well, but again, not in this case. So if it is an album in disguise, what’s Drake’s rationale?

Diddy weeps….


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