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Drake’s Response Was Going To Reveal He “Allegedly” Had an Affair With Kim Kardashian ?

It is being alleged that Drake’s second response to Pusha T and Kanye would’ve revealed that he had an affair with Kim Kardashian while married to Ye! I don’t know, so don’t shoot the messenger but it would explain why J. Prince told Drake to not even release the diss track, explaining that how they’re not in the business of destroying families.

This is very plausible though…… I mean Kim did cheat on her exes with Kanye, which explains how he eventually became her husband..

I am all for good tea… According to Instagram Blog from the UK The Hip Hop Tea Pot, explains that Drake’s response to Pusha was more geared towards Kanye West than Pusha T….. See post below:

That may explain why Kanye was trying to play peacemaker, talking about “lines were crossed.” Nope, you just didn’t want Drake to spill the tea.

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