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Eight Year Old Girl From New Jersey Commits Suicide

An eight year old by the name of Imani McCray committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom…. This is happening all too often now and if you ask, how are kids that are 8-13 learning about this….

They are exposed to so much, meaning social media… vs. when we were coming up that there is now a huge shift and it showing that kids don’t have the same coping mechanisms

According to NBC New York:

The Essex County prosecutor says the office is still investigating what drove Imani McCray of Newark to kill herself. When police arrived at her family’s Vailsburg apartment, they found she’d hanged herself after being sent to her room for a time-out.

Relatives desperately tried to revive her. EMS found a faint pulse before she died at University Hospital.

No family members were at home Tuesday to speak with News 4. But sources close to the investigation say Imani had seen a story on Facebook about a 10-year-old’s suicide in Colorado last month: Ashawnty Davis had hanged herself after allegedly being bullied at school.

There’s no indication that Imani was bullied, but investigators are still trying to determine how the Colorado incident could have been what motivated the hanging suicide in New Jersey — or if it was just perhaps a tragic playacting.

The family is making funeral arrangements, according to a family friend. Imani would have turned nine years old next week.”

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