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Empire Actress & Taylor Swift’s BFF Serayah Identifies As Mixed


I can’t with these people, Empire actress and on and off girlfriend to Hakeem Serayah identifies herself as mixed… A while ago she stated that she was a quarter white…. Well promoting the season 2 of Empire she elaborates more on it… What’s wrong with these black celebrities…..?

In a recent interview with She talks about crazy fan reactions and talking about being mixed and wearing her hair ‘Allegedly’ natural for the cameras. Check out some excerpts below:

What’s the craziest reaction a fan has had to you on the street?
Empire fans are very very passionate, to say the least. I got into a verbal disagreement with someone because she was very mad at me that my hair was straight. It was a person I’d never met before in my life. But because my character has curly hair and that makes so many mixed girls and African Americans feel like ‘Now I can wear my hair curly.’ And that’s great that it gives them that self-confidence. But for my personal self, I love to change style and I love fashion, so I’ve always changed my hair. So when she saw me out of the TV show and my hair was straight, she got very mad at me.

How did you respond to her?

I was like, ‘I’m acting. I’m a human being and I wanted to change my hair this weekend.‘ The thing is, I automatically became part of the natural community because not many mixed girls on TV wear their hair natural. So that was the big statement about it. And I think this fan felt very passionate about my hair and my identity. I’m like, ‘Guys, this is a series, not a reality show!’


Well , she did tweet that she was a 5’8 brunette white girl at heart…. These are her  parents..Reminds me of Terrence Howard’s mistakenly white father with the black power Afro.


Which one is supposed to be the mixed parent….

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