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Exclusive Tea: Ne-Yo Engaged to Stripper Girlfriend Crystal Renay ?


I got some Good Ol’ London tea for you, we got word from inside sources that Mr. Libra himself ‘Ne-Yo, is so open off of his new boo Crystal Renay that they are now “Quietly’ engaged and Monyetta is not happy about it because she was still hoping for a reconciliation…. Now he wants her to move out of the house that they once shared and at this point he doesn’t care where she goes but she’s got to find her own… … We don’t mean to call her stripper, she’s actually a “Model..”!

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Monyetta is in a very fragile state and doesn’t want to take him to court, because she’s scared of him and what he may do for whatever reason… To add insult to injury, Ne-Yo’s manager is raping him (Figuratively) and taking all his money right from underneath his nose; he’s been doing this for a while now… Ne-Yo is only worth “Allegedly” $16 Million which he should be worth way more, so I refuse to believe that.. I mean he does write, compose and produce as well… Ne-Yo’s Net Worth…

They also say that she’s turn to pain pills to cope with her problems as well… Sad times…

That’s all we have for now….. Thank us later….

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