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Father of Madonna’s Newly Adopted Twins Didn’t Realize It Was Permanent!

There’s already drama surrounding Madonna and her newly adopted twin girls, the father of both didn’t realize that it was permanent… He was led to believe that Madonna was fostering the children…

The 40-year-old farmer dismissed as ‘lies’ a court’s contention that he had ‘abandoned’ the girls after their mother died in childbirth.

Mr Mwale said: ‘I was told from the start that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman’s home abroad, that she would give them a good education, then return them to me, to live with me and help all of my family.‘Now you are telling me the adoption is permanent. That cannot be true – I don’t want it to be true. I am their father and I will always be their father.’

Mwale was told that the pop star liked the twins and wanted to take them away and educate them. He consulted his late wife’s family and they agreed it would be a wonderful opportunity for the girls.

Mr Mwale, who has had no formal education, claimed he was told repeatedly that the singer would be like a foster mother to the twins, and he maintained this belief throughout the court hearing earlier this month about the adoption application.
He said: ‘The orphanage boss told me it would be a wonderful chance for my little girls, and for their brother and sisters at home. I was told to agree with everything in court. I did not believe I would never see my girls again.

he had been forced to listen to ‘terrible lies’ when a court-appointed guardian of the children told the judge the father had abandoned his family to marry another woman after the death of his wife, Patricia.

‘After the death of his wife, the infants’ father left the village to marry another woman without making any arrangement for their maintenance.’

I wanted the hospital to help but they said the orphanage was the best place. Everyone in the village knows I just wanted the best for them.

Dr Mary Shawa, from the Malawian ministry which processed the adoption said: ‘I can’t say why the guardian told the court that Mr Mwale had abandoned his children. The judge said that was wrong.’

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