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Five ‘Sorority Sisters’ expelled from Delta Sigma Theta as VH1 wipes its website clean of the show



Welp, it’s an official wrap for the ladies of VH1’s Sorority Sister’s five members of Delta Sigma Theta were expelled permanently from the sorority for their participation on the reviled VH1 reality show set in Atlanta “Sorority Sisters.”

According to

– Lydia Mitchell and Priyanka Banks from Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL
– MeToya Monroe, State University of West Georgia, Carrollton
Adrene Ashford -from Marietta
– Shanna McCormick from Nashville

Their expulsion date of January 13 coincided with the day VH1 changed its schedule and dumped the show’s final three episodes unceremoniously this past Friday. It came a day after it was reported two others – April McRaeand Joy Hammond – were suspended for 18 months from Alpha Kappa Alpha. If more than half the cast of nine was no longer technically part of a sorority, that more or less negated the whole concept of the show


Clearly the Divine 9 doesn’t  play at all, snatch up their show and their letters real quick. To be honest I couldn’t understand why Priyanka was accepted by ANY sorority ….she is soooo uncouth. Nevertheless, even though everyone has problems, but the thing about being in a sisterhood, you keep it quiet and keep it business as usual. Which is something that they failed to do… It was an embarrassment to the whole organization.

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