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Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Sonning Manny Pacquio For Lying ?


Last night was an interesting night in sports, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather came face to face at the Miami Heat vs. The Bucks game during halftime. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, upon receiving confirmation that Pacquiao was scheduled to be in attendance at the game, Mayweather made it a point to also attend.

Both fighters were seated courtside, across from each other on opposite sides of the court. During halftime, it was Mayweather who first made his way over to Pacquiao, who along with his adviser, Michael Koncz, met the pound-for-pound king at midcourt.

According to

Mayweather told both Pacquiao and Koncz to “stop lying” about signing any contracts. The same eyewitness tells us that Mayweather then informed Pacquiao that he’s been told multiple lies. Mayweather explained that “he’s been trying to make the f!ght happen” and chose to stay silent throughout the negotiation process because “I don’t entertain bull####!”
Another source tells us that Pacquiao was “on hush mode”, speechless as Mayweather repeated, “stop lying,” and asked him “what contract” he signed. As Mayweather reiterated to both men that lies are being told, Koncz began stuttering before attempting to lay all the blame on promoter Bob Arum, telling Mayweather that he’s only saying what Arum has been telling him. Mayweather then informed both men that it’s not professional to lie and “if you’re not going to tell the truth, it’s best to stay silent.”

After their discussion, Mayweather gave Pacquiao his personal phone number, presumably so he can call him directly if there’s any further confusion between the lies and the truth. At this point, it’s unclear if their conversation will have any impact on finalizing negotiations for their potential May 2 showdown. It’s clear, however, that Pacquiao will likely have a lot to discuss with his adviser and his promoter regarding the conversation that took place.


Floyd knows everything leading up to this has hurt his image. Pre-planned ploy and everyone’s playing along. I think they will be announcing confirmation of both of them fighting during Superbowl… Wait for it…

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