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For The Ladies…. Know When You’re in a Situationship …..’PLEASE’


Ladies, I know there are many articles or stories about men and if they’re worth it, but I find that a lot of you are not really paying attention when choosing your potential mate.. (Shade)…… It seems as if women today are so ready or desperate to just jump in anything, that they ignore ‘ALL THE RED FLAGS’ presented to them..

Now we’re going to talk to you about Situationships and what to look for and what to do if you decided to pursue one….. Let’s give you an example.. You meet a guy, we’ll call him ‘Future’ (Shade).. You meet Future; when you guys connect, he clearly shows that he has limited potential from the first conversation…. Ladies, note: when you and the ‘potential” converse ‘WE KNOW’ from the first moment of talking if this person will either be relationship or a situationship…..

His signs are:

Lack of Interest
Talks About Sex 24/7 (Usually The First Thing)
There’s no future goals/plans as a couple
Netflix & Chill AKA Come See Me
No Romantic Gestures or Outings
Even sometimes asking you for money


You get the point ladies, but yet, some of you will still think that you can change his view, which he’s already shown you… Which is why we stated earlier you ignore all the red flags…. Then you want to cry and pout about him not treating you right…. When it was clear from the beginning that it was a situationship not to be confused with a relationship…. In other words choose your man, like you choose your selfies…

First of all, when you keep meeting the same type of men, you may want to stop and truly reevaluate your life.. (I’m Just saying) and figure out what you want as a woman in a man… How do you want to be treated? Be specific….. IT’S OKAY… (in the words of Teairra Marie) You don’t have to settle.. Don’t be like most women out here… Don’t be the Princess’s and Blac Chyna’s of the world…. Constantly talking, claiming and fighting other women for a man that’s for everybody….. AKA… Community Peen…..

Now ladies, when you’re busy working on you, that person that you were looking, will come when you least expect him too, because there’s a lot that requires a man to have XYZ, when you don’t even have ABC….. That’s another thing to think about… Men only treat you, how you treat yourself and even though a lot of you guys claim to treat yourselves with self respect and class, your action show otherwise…. (Food For Thought)

Now, no one is saying you can’t mess with these types of men, but know your boundaries…. It’s very simple, ***Sigh*** but sometimes we make it very hard on ourselves….. Here’s a list of what you should do if you want to proceed with a man who’s showing you that he want’s nothing more than a situationship:

Keep Your Emotions Out of it
-Set boundaries
-Be in control
-NO EXPECTATIONS “WHATSOEVER”, even if he is running game..
– Don’t be afraid to cut them off if they’re no longer serving their purpose
-Even if he is giving you money and making sure you’re ok, still cut his ass off if he acts up…. Men respect a women with self respect…. (REMEMBER THAT)
– Don’t be a yes girl
– And always have a mind of your own…

Don’t be having him all up in the video, all up on the record….. Less Diddy, More Suge Knight…. PLEASE… No Instagram, Facebook status.. Anything social is a nono…..
– If you don’t have a ring on your finger, remember that the only person you have to be loyal to is yourself…. Let say that again ‘If you don’t have a ring on your finger, remember that the only person you have to be loyal to is yourself’ and one more time for EMPHASIS: ‘If you don’t have a ring on your finger, remember that the only person you have to be loyal to is yourself’ (Let that sink in)

If you want to be in an exclusive relationship, become exclusive.. But , like we said in an earlier paragraph; there is nothing wrong with having fun, just learn to separate the two and not take these types of men seriously….. But! If he ends up catching feelings, which nine times out of ten he will… Still, be on guard, because he will then start to do a two step and his actions will say one thing, but his word play will make it seem as if you’re tripping… And ladies………….. You already know, men love to say we’re crazy or we’re tripping about some shit that they do.. “PURPOSELY” So keep it cute and apply these rules and I guarantee you, you’ll be like ‘You was right’ ( in my ‘OG Maco voice)….

XOXOX…. Love…. That is a wrap!

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