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Former Stripper Turned Author Drops Tell-All Book Spills Tea About Her Sleeping With Apollo In Phaedra’s Home


Guys meet former stripper turned Author Cashaun Sidney, she has dropped a tell all talking about all the men in the industry that she’s slept with; including Phaedra’s husband Apollo….

Her book is called Sordid Panties and she talks about growing up from a small town in Georgia and being raised by a single mom with two jobs and being that she grew up under those conditions she ended up becoming an exotic dance. Typical story… Nevertheless Cashaun is talking about sleeping with your faves such as Future, Ceelo, Nelly and more…

While telling her story she talks about the time she slept with Apollo Nida in Phaedra’s house in their son’s room… At the 8:56 mark Apollo took Cashaun & a girlfriend of hers to Phaedra’s house to smoke. The homegirl & Apollo went upstairs to do the do in Dillon’s room. Listen to Cashaun tell her story below:


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