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Four Year-Old African American Girl Now Part Owner of Disney


Disney is trying to be very diverse in their movies as well as in business, after showing their stance by releasing its very first African-American led movie ‘The Princess and the Frog.‘ Now the company has added a four-year old girl to become one of its shareholders.

Jeff Crother’s purchased a share in the children’s entertainment company for his daughter’s birthday instantly making her one of its owners. Watch him surprise her with his gift below:


According to the father explains his forward thinking:

I bought my daughter stock for her birthday instead of toys. This idea had a mixed reception with the people in my life, but I decided to stick to my gut, and she loved it.
I’ve always believed in the goal of self-empowerment, working towards the dream you are most passionate about and lifting others – enabling them to reach at least the standard you’ve set for yourself.
In an effort to instil these values in my daughter, I decided to purchase my her an interest in Disney. I chose to buy stock in this particular company because it is a performer which is relevant to her interests, one that she could relate to. With a continued effort, this small gesture can be one an 18 year old may credit as being the foundational memory of her path towards financial freedom.
I chose to record it in hopes that sharing this moment might inspire friends and family to consider a similar gift for their children, to hold themselves to a higher standard and commit to the pursuit of economic self-sufficiency for our next generation.
So, what are shares?
By definition they are a unit of ownership interest in a business or any financial asset.
Purchasing them doesn’t guarantee an owner will have a say in how the business they’ve invested in will run but serve as great ways to make additional income. Why? Shareholders receive a portion of the profits made by the business and can help them make life-changing amounts of money should they choose to sell them at the right time.
Picking up a share in Disney today will cost $114. 87 and Crothers’ purchase for his daughter will mean that she’ll follow in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey and Chris Brown who recently revealed how shares they purchased have worked wonders for their pockets.

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