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Future Claims He Didn’t Go to the Game to Spite Ciara and Russell

This GUY! Saturday the Falcons played the Seattle Seahawks and of course Russell Wilson was there along with Ciara and baby Future, but also in attendance was Future and her other trolling ex, bow wow… People were speculating that he was there to try and be petty, but he’s stating that he’s a major Falcon’s fan…. I could’ve sworn Future was a Panthers fan last year too….

Source close to Future says the rapper is adamant his appearance was not meant to be a shot at his ex’s husband.

Sources are saying that he’s tight with a bunch of Falcons players — especially stud receiver Julio Jones — so that’s why he was invited to the game … and he’ll probably go this coming Sunday too.

They’re saying that Future isn’t trying to rock the boat, especially since Ciara dropped her defamation lawsuit against him….

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