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Glory Johnson Opens Up About Her Divorce From Brittney Griner : ‘You work things out and fight for what you love.”


WNBA star Glory Johnson sits down with cosmopolitan to talk about her annulment or divorce from Brittney Griner. The two were arrested back in April for domestic abuse and then a month later the couple got married in a big ceremony with friends and family.

Glory talks not understanding why Brittney gave up: “I don’t understand,” Johnson said of her estranged wife. “I want to understand. I thought I married the person I was supposed to be with. You work things out and fight for what you love.”

Johnson talked about after them getting arrested her friends and family advised her on going forward with the marriage, but she didn’t listen: “It wasn’t about other people. It was about us,” she said. “Brittney was crying about how happy she was I stuck with her and promising she’d make it worth it. You can call me stupid for believing her, but I trusted this person.”

“I’ve never been grabbed or thrown like that ever in my entire life, not by anybody,” Johnson said of Griner allegedly grabbing her neck and throwing her head down. “At that point, everything was out there. We were fighting. We were scrapping. Her eyes were dead black. I thought I could talk to her, but she was not there.”
After Griner allegedly said, “I’ve got something for you,” Johnson’s sister Judy, who was in the house at the time, called the police. The sisters later claimed they knew Griner had a gun, though it was not noted in the police report.
Despite their violent past, the couple moved forward and Johnson says she was blindsided when Griner made the decision to call it quits. She gave birth to their twins — Ava Simone and Solei Diem — prematurely in October after only five months of pregnancy.
“I can’t do this by myself,” she said of raising her little girls. “I have male friends, sweet guys that are offering to help me, and I’m not handling it well. I’m pushing it away because I don’t trust anybody. I hope I get to a point where I can give somebody a fair chance, because I was so trusting before.”
Johnson also said she doesn’t regret marrying Griner. And despite their estrangement, she’s still concerned about her ex.
“After all the things that she put me and my family through, I should hate this person,” she said of Griner. “But at the end of the day, I still worry about how she’s taking all this.”

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