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Green Bay Quarterback De-masks Falcons Player, during NFL Championships, to No avail

Aaron Rodgers made the news, during this years’ NFC Championship game, between the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers. Apparently, it has been an upsettingly, rough battle- toward the upcoming Super Bowl, on a quest that has, no doubt, held inescapable disappointments- for many teams.

The dirty scoop is, that after a few arguably, rude comments, from Robert Alford- Rodgers made a move that got him flagged, when he grabbed Alfords’ facemask and pulled it off, just as he; himself sped out of bounds.

The incident, consequently, earned Aaron Rodgers a fine of $9,115- according to reports from Profootball talk, although the Falcons still won, despite it all, 21 to 44.

Now, it’s time for a Falcons/Patriots showdown.

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