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He’s Back: Beyoncé’s Ex Lyndall Speaks on His 10-Year Affair With Beyoncé, The Control Freak


You ever had that one boyfriend that just won’t go away, well Beyoncé’s ex Lyndall is one of them. He speaks again about the singer and all I got from the story was that she was ambitious, driven and serious about the direction of her career. Look where she is now. Look where he is now, read more below..

Lyndall spoke very highly of Beyonce through out the whole interview and even insinuated that he would like for his children to have a playdate with Blue…

My 10-year affair with Beyoncé, the teenage control freak: Pushed by a controlling father, singer’s first love reveals how ‘Bey’ was already a diva by 13

Lyndall Locke dated the singer from when she was a 12-year-old wannabe. They split when she toured the world with Destiny’s Child in her early 20s
Locke said ‘control freak Bey’ was always fixated on the pursuit of fame
Her campaign was orchestrated by her father Mathew ‘Big Mac’ Knowles

But for one man, the outburst came as no surprise. Her first love, Lyndall Locke, who dated the singer for a decade from when she was a 12-year-old wannabe until they split when she toured the world with Destiny’s Child, said she had always been fixated on the pursuit of fame – and the ‘simple girl from Houston’ rapidly became a ‘control freak’.

Mathew ‘Big Mac’ Knowles was the mastermind of ‘Project Beyoncé’, as it was known in the family. ‘Let me tell you, there was no messing with Big Mac. He gave me the third degree about who I was and what my intentions were,’ says Lyndall. ‘He gave me the talk about “not messing anything up.” ’ Lyndall says he understood this to mean not to get Beyoncé pregnant

Lyndall says he experimented with marijuana and alcohol but his girlfriend was never tempted. ‘Beyoncé told me she would never smoke or drink because that would hurt her voice. She was a control freak.’

‘I told her, “I wish we could have a normal life” and she said, “I don’t want a normal life. I’ve been waiting for this since I was a kid.” ’

Lyndall recalls the time he fell foul of Beyoncé’s fame ‘train’ was when he filled a cup with whisky in a limo taking Beyoncé to a Destiny’s Child concert in LA. ‘Mathew came up to me backstage and said, “That’s not cool. How do you think that makes Beyoncé look? If you don’t pull it together and get a real career she’ll be gone. Beyoncé needs to be with someone who has it going on.”

In one incident, Beyoncé fled the scene of a minor car accident because she feared it would be ‘bad’ for her image… even though she was years away from becoming famous.

She was 16 and Lyndall was driving Beyoncé and her cousin Angie to the beach in a five-car convoy of friends. ‘A car suddenly pulled in front of me, crossed to the side of the road then flipped and fell right off the highway.’

Lyndall screeched to a halt and raced down the embankment to check on the occupants of the other car (who were unharmed). When he returned, Beyoncé and Angie had driven off.

‘When I finally got a lift home I was furious. Beyoncé told me, “I can’t be around a mess like that. I have to think smart and staying there would not have been smart.” ’

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