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High School Students Can Study To Become “Future Music Moguls” For Free at NYU


This is so dope, NYU has a program for High School students who’s future goal is to become a music Mogul when they get older and top it all off, they can study this for free.

The twelve week workshop designed to introduce 16 talented high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to the basics of the music industry. The free program is held each spring at The Clive Davis Institute every Saturday, February through May.

According to

The workshop focuses its recruitment efforts on underrepresented groups, particularly students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in the New York tri-state area (see: inner-city youth). Students who participate in the program will learn about the creative process behind the writing and recording of hit songs, and will be exposed to the behind-the-scenes business decisions that delivers music to audiences around the world. Students will also learn about music entrepreneurship with an emphasis on today’s issues and trends throughout the music industry.

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