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In Case You Missed it: Being Mary Jane… ‘Can’t Be Friends With People Who Want Your Life’

Last night’s episode of being Mary Jane was annoying and a few people came to mind when I was watching MJ hate on her friend Valerie for having the life that she so craves and desires…

During last night’s premiere of season 2 of “Being Mary Jane” we saw MJ picked up right where she left off at the end of season 1: wilin’ out. Mary Jane could’ve gotten a pass for her drunkenly insecure tirade about Valerie being kept on a leash by her husband, but it’s the half-a$$ed apology that came a day later when she essentially acted as though Valerie should apologize for having the life she wants that sent me over the edge. Though Valerie stood her ground and told Mary Jane if she wanted something similar she needed to go out and get it for herself, that advice seemed to go in one of MJ’s ears and out the other as just a day later she showed up at Valerie’s home expecting her to be her emotional crutch after dogging her out twice in one week.

It’s sad because you can probably think of a few people who would come to mind and it’s sad because you eventually have to cut them off… Anyway watch the episode below in case you missed it..


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