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Jaden Smith Has Breakdown on IG Live Says He Failed His Father, Wants to Move Out of L.A.

As you can see money and access to everything you can have does not bring happiness, it’s all within! Jaden was on IG Live when he went on his rant about life and how no one supports his creativity..

-Wants to leave LA because there’s “a lot of bad stuff there”
-Being at the DMV shows how sad life and society is
-He feels like he has failed.
-Says we go on Instagram Live to “escape” and be “distracted”
-Wants to know why we aren’t IG Live-ing about curing cancer or finding world peace

I kind of find this hard to believe everyone has given him exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be an actor, he got to be in a “hit” movie. He wanted to do music, he got to drop music with legit artist. He is a model with a million dollar contact. He has a clothing line. He is on a TV show.

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